Indulged in WAY too much Marijuana?

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So, you started ingesting marijuana – and you just couldn’t stop. Or you’re trying cannabis for the first time and didn’t know how much to consume. It’s common with edibles — you don’t feel the effects quick enough so you add a little more.

Whatever the reason, if you feel like you’ve consumed way too much cannabis, we’re here to help!


Know You’ll Be Fine

First of all, calm down. It can be unpleasant to feel “too high” but it’s not entirely dangerous if it only happens occasionally. Plus, there are quite a few things you can do that can help you feel better.

It may take a few hours but the uncomfortable feelings will pass. There have been zero reported cannabis overdose deaths so no, you’re not dying, although it may kind of feel like it.


Hydrate Yourself

Hydration is key. Keep drinking lots of fluids but avoid caffeinated and alcoholic beverages. Water is always best, but juice will do, too. Sip it slowly while you relax. It should relieve your dry mouth, otherwise known as cottonmouth, and start flushing things out of your system a little faster.


Be Zen

The best thing to do if you’re not feeling well from excess cannabis consumption is to sit down and relax. You can do some light activities or go for a short walk, but taking a nap is your best bet.

Sleeping until your extreme high passes will allow you to avoid any other symptoms. And best of all, you won’t wake up with a hangover.


Distract Yourself

You don’t want to sit in your discomfort so try doing something to distract yourself. Turn on YouTube and check out some of our favourites things to watch while high. There’s more than cat videos!


Have A Snack

You may have a major case of the munchies but don’t fully indulge! It’s fine to have a small snack so you’ve got something in your stomach but stay away from anything too fatty or sugary. Steer yourself towards some cheese, crackers, nuts or fruit.



Chewing peppercorns to counteract an extreme high is an old wives tale but evidence actually points to it working quite well. Peppercorns come from a plant with a similar chemical profile to a cannabis plant. Therefore, it interacts in a pleasant and effective way while helping you come down from your high.


Remember This!

Although you’ll be fine, remember this feeling and know that although it won’t harm you significantly, it’s not good to overindulge too much. Next time, indulge in a different way or adjust your dosage so you still get your benefits of cannabis without that scary “too high” feeling.


Talk To Us

The best thing to do if you decide you want to ingest cannabis is to make sure you’re buying quality organic marijuana from a reputable marijuana dispensary, like us at Gulf Island Organics. We can also help you find the right dosage and strain for your needs. Contact us today.

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