What are Cannabis Topicals?

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Using cannabis isn’t just about getting “high” anymore. Over the past decade, more people are finding that it helps with a wide variety of medical conditions. As you know by now, we’re huge advocates of medical marijuana and want to give you all the information and benefits of you should know about to make the best decision for your health.

Topicals are now a huge source of marijuana usage for those who would otherwise not ingest it any other way. People get the localized help they need for their discomfort without having to use harsh irritating chemicals and with no psychoactive results.

What exactly are topicals?

Topical cannabis comes in a variety of forms. There are marijuana-infused oils, lotions and balms which are applied directly to the skin and absorbed quickly to provide almost immediate relief to any inflammation and pain in that area. If you’ve ever used an over-the-counter pain balm it works in a similar fashion. The difference is there are no harsh chemicals and added unnecessary ingredients that a lot of other medications contain. Marijuana-infused patches are also becoming more popular for longer-lasting symptom relief. This is especially true for chronic pain sufferers.

What conditions can they be used for?

Topical marijuana medications were developed and used to prevent muscle soreness and inflammation. But now they’re also being used for more specific conditions such as skin disorders, and other health conditions like headaches, menstrual cramps, and pain brought on by more debilitating chronic conditions.

How do they work?

Cannabis-infused topicals work by applying them onto your body’s largest organ, the skin. Your skin absorbs the topical and goes straight to your point of pain or inflammation. The cannabinoids bind directly to the CB2 receptors near the skin which leads to the activation of the endocannabinoid system. However, it never absorbs into the bloodstream, thus giving you the pain relief without the psychoactive effects.

There is one caveat though — the transdermal patches. These are worn for longer periods of time and are similar but the cannabinoids have a greater chance of reaching your bloodstream. So, if you are using THC patches you’ll probably notice a “groovy” feeling in addition to your pain relief!

Who are they good for?

ANYONE with any chronic pain or inflammation can benefit from cannabis topicals. They can be used in conjunction with other medical or cannabis treatments. As we explained above, they don’t penetrate your bloodstream so are ideal for athletes or anyone else looking to treat their pain without being “impaired”.

What should I look for?

The strain you’re looking for, as well as the actual topical method you should choose, depends on the severity of your pain. Consider where the pain is, your overall skin condition, and how often you’ll be applying it.

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