Marijuana vs Tobacco

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Smoking is smoking, right? Wrong! There’s a reason why the number of people smoking tobacco cigarettes has decreased, while the number of people smoking marijuana is increasing. So why do people choose to smoke marijuana over cigarettes?


You typically smoke less

Tobacco can be VERY addictive and it’s nothing for some smokers to smoke a half pack a day, heck even a whole pack (around 20 cigarettes). You are not likely to have this much marijuana in a day and therefore not spend as much time taking breaks and feeling the need to smoke.


There are some major health benefits

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention when you inhale tobacco you inhale more than 7,000 chemicals, more than 70 of which have proven to be carcinogenic!

Nicotine and N-Nitrosamines in cigarettes are the contributing chemicals linked to type 2 diabetes, thyroid issues, along with lung, throat, neck, and other types of cancer.

Cannabis has not been linked to any single factor for disease and contains cannabinoids which research shows have positive cancer-fighting effects. And there are currently studies being undertaken which may actually help to establish marijuana as a treatment for diabetes.


It’s more relaxing

Cigarette (tobacco) smokers often claim their addiction is what keeps them “sane”, and that a cigarette helps them wind down after a stressful event. For them, it’s the repetition of being busy with their hands, habit, and the addictive chemicals (ahem – poisons) added to nicotine which keep them coming back.

However, certain strains of marijuana are actually prescribed by doctors to assist with chronic anxiety and even a variety of behavioural conditions, such as ADHD.


There are healthier ways to ingest it

Inhaling smoke of any kind isn’t ideal because it can affect your lungs and lead to conditions such as bronchitis or possibly even more serious throat and lung conditions. Plus, it can bother other people with second-hand smoke, and often leaves behind an unpleasant smell.

But with marijuana you have options! Using vapes and bongs are safer ways to inhale and you also have edibles and capsules as ways of getting your marijuana intake without having to inhale at all.


It can give you major pain relief

Sometimes taking serious medications for chronic health conditions can lead to addiction issues as well as more serious side effects. Medical marijuana can be a better option for treating these types of pain.

Cannabis can help relieve everything from occasional muscle and joint pain to more serious side effects from cancer treatments and other chronic pain.


You’ll sleep better

Much like with chronic pain, medical marijuana can help you sleep! The relaxation and pain relief benefits of certain strains are unbeatable – and come with a lot less risk than most prescription sleeping aids.

This Huffington Post article shows us how cigarette smoking can negatively affect your body’s circadian rhythm, therefore, leading to sleep disruption.


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