Benefits of Better Sleep

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Sleep – so simple yet so elusive for many of us. Sometimes lack of sleep is due to actual insomnia and inability to sleep, while other times people simply feel like they can survive on four short hours a night because they are so busy. No matter which category you fit into, we hope we can convince you to start taking the proper steps to get a full night sleep.


You Will Feel More Alert

This is the obvious benefit to a good night sleep – you won’t feel like you’re wandering through the day like a zombie. All the caffeine in the world can’t make up for a good night sleep.


You’ll Be Safer

When you’re drowsy you have the tendency to not give your full attention to the tasks you are doing. Driving, operating any machinery, or even walking or using a knife can be extremely dangerous when you’re not well rested, putting yourself and others around you at risk for injury.


You’ll Be Healthier

Occasional sleepless nights won’t greatly affect your health, but if you chronically get very little sleep, that can affect your health negatively.

Studies show that lack of sleep can contribute to heart attacks and obesity. Blood glucose levels can skyrocket after just a few nights of disturbed sleep – not good for preventing or controlling diabetes!

Being well rested also builds up your immune system, so you’ll be able to better ward that nasty cold and flu going around.


You’ll Be More Productive

Those days at work after a poor night sleep seem a whole lot longer than others, don’t they? Getting a good night sleep will allow you to get through your work faster and with more attention.

You’ll also be more likely to run those necessary errands or go to the gym after work instead of just heading home because you’re so tired.


You’ll Have Less Pain

Sleep is the best cure for almost any type of pain. Sleep not only allows your body to heal and likely help what’s causing your pain, but also increases your pain threshold.

Unfortunately, pain is often what prevents us from sleeping well. This leads us to…


What Will Help You Get a Better Night Sleep?

Depending on if your sleepless nights are just occasional or are starting to stack up and really affect you, here are a few things you can try to get you into dreamland:


Start a Relaxation Routine

Sometimes we just need to wind down before bed to ensure a restful sleep. A bath or shower to relax our body, some gentle stretches or meditation, or a cup of herbal “sleepytime” tea can work great. One or a blend of the above can sometimes be just the easy routine you need before bed.


Over the Counter Medications

If sleeplessness is just an occasional thing, you can often find relief in over the counter sleep aids. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist to see which one would be best for you and to rule out any other issues that may be causing your lack of sleep.


Try Cannabis

We’ve shared with you before how medical marijuana can be a great addition to your sleep routine for occasional bouts of insomnia – both for pain control and inducing relaxation. Make sure to choose an Indica strain as these tend to be more sedating than the others.

At Gulf Island Organics we can assist you in choosing the right strain and dosage of marijuana for your sleep and/or pain issues to get you on the road to better health. Come down to our marijuana dispensary at 1040 Fort Street in Victoria, or contact us today to help you get the sleep you need.

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