Got Neck Pain?

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Are you suffering from muscle pain and spasms in your neck? It can really put a cramp (pun intended!) in your life when you are suffering from neck pain! Hopefully your pain is from something as simple as feeling a little stiff for a day or two after sleeping at a weird angle, but often it’s a more chronic or serious issue like damage to the tissue after an injury.


These days, neck pain is seen more often than ever before by medical professionals because most of us are looking down at our phones or sitting slouched over the computer. Hour after hour, day after day, this strain builds up and can cause some significant irreversible damage to your muscles, ligaments, and tissues of your neck and back. Ouch!



If you start to experience neck pain, usually you can find great relief in a few simple stretches. More bothersome pain may take a day or two of an over the counter anti-inflammatory.

Seeking medical help in the form of massage therapy or a chiropractic can help to straighten you out pretty quick and get you back on track.

If your neck pain is caused by an injury or a buildup of strains on the muscle and tissue, you may need to get some relief from prescription strength medications or something you can use on a regular basis.


Can Cannabis Help?

If you suffer from neck pain that is ongoing and requires you to take over the counter medications on a regular basis it may be time for you to look at trying something different. Medical Cannabis is a fantastic option as a treatment for pain of any kind!

Cannabis works to not only relax your muscles and stop painful tightness and spasms, but it also helps with the overall pain by reducing inflammation within the body.


What Should I Look For?

Ingesting cannabis in any form (learn more about ways to ingest marijuana here) will give you the relaxation and anti-inflammatory benefits you are seeking for your pain. But what if you want something quicker, easier, and with no psychoactive effects? This is why we offer topical treatments! Balms and other rubs are absorbed through the skin and are a fabulous way to soothe muscles and joints quickly and effectively while getting ALL the pain-relieving benefits with no psychoactive effects.


What Do We Recommend?

At Gulf Island Organics we offer a wide variety of medical marijuana and cannabis treatments that will help relieve your pain, inflammation, and help with any health issues you may have.

One product we recommend for pain is our Black Citrus Balm which is a unique cannabis-infused balm also containing organic arnica and several essential oils to soothe inflammation and help control any spasms and pain in the surrounding muscles.


Contact Us!

For neck pain, or any other pain you are suffering from we want to help you! Come down to 1040 Fort Street in Victoria, or contact us online or by phone so we can help you find the products most suited for you.

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